Why Study Abroad?

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Why Study Abroad?

Most students who go on study abroad programs describe them as life-changing and as the highlight of their time in college. Why? Study abroad gives you the chance to learn about other people and places first-hand, travel to places you never knew about before, learn how other cultures work, feel independent, learn what you’re made of, figure out what you want to do with your life, and meet other curious students from throughout the world.

CMLL strongly encourages each of its students to study abroad, as a way to improve our students’ language ability and cultural understanding, to give our students the chance to make their college experience more dynamic, and to make the students themselves more dynamic. Our faculty-led programs provide support to students going on all types of study abroad programs, and we are also happy to provide financial travel assistance to our majors to help make taking part in a study abroad experience more attainable.

When should I study abroad?

There’s never a bad time to study abroad. Most students decide to go during the summer before or after their Junior year, or during one of the semesters of their Junior year, but students at all levels can gain worthwhile experience abroad. When deciding the right time to go, consider the type of program you would like to participate in, what types of courses are offered, and how those courses will fit into your curriculum. If you’re having trouble making things work so that you can still graduate on time, set up a meeting with a CMLL faculty member and we can help you work out a good plan.

Where should I study abroad?

Anywhere! MSU has programs in all parts of the world, from Spain, to China, to South Africa, and everywhere in between. CMLL offers consistent faculty-led programs to countries that speak many of the languages we teach, and we have helped to organize direct exchanges to other countries. In addition, MSU has agreements with study abroad provider companies to almost every corner of the globe. If you want to study there, chances are MSU has a program set up for you. For more information on CMLL-affiliated programs, see our Programs page. For a full list of programs, visit the Office of Study Abroad website.

What if I don’t think I can afford studying abroad?

Study abroad is typically less expensive than students and parents think. Depending on the location, it could cost the same as, or even less than, a summer or semester in Starkville, plus the cost of a plane ticket. CMLL offers travel assistance to the department’s majors, and other opportunities for financial support are available to all students. For further information on scholarships and travel assistance, see our Scholarships page.

For additional information about how to prepare for your trip, please visit MSU’s Office of Study Abroad in 116 Allen Hall or online at this link.