Direct Exchanges

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Direct exchanges are the traditional model for study abroad. In these programs, students take classes at a university in another country, sitting alongside students from that country, and navigating the ins and outs of life in another part of the world. These programs are for independent-minded students looking to challenge themselves, typically for a full semester, and provide the greatest opportunity to improve language skills, fully immerse in the culture, travel, and experience life in a new environment.

Students participating in direct exchanges pay MSU tuition, and will have their courses approved by MSU faculty prior to their trip. Students will generally be responsible for finding housing, though all participating universities have offices focused on international outreach to provide assistance to participating students, and can help with locating accommodations. All students traveling abroad will have the support of MSU’s Office of Study Abroad.

MSU has exchange agreements in place for close to 20 international universities, and CMLL has recently had students participate exchanges at:

Akita, Japan - Akita International University (need link)
Alcala de Henares, Spain - Universidad de Alcala
Beijing, China - Beijing Institute of Technology
Quebec, Canada - Université Laval

For further information, visit the program links through the Office of Study Abroad.