Study Abroad Programs

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Nervous about studying abroad? Excited by the chance to live in another country? Just looking for options? MSU offers a study abroad program for every type of student.

Students wishing to study abroad have three different types of programs to choose from: faculty-led programs, direct exchanges, and affiliated provider company programs.

Faculty-led Programs

MSU generally offers 20-30 faculty-led programs every year, typically in the summer (though sometimes over Spring Break), and these programs are by far the most popular way to study abroad for students at MSU. On these programs, students will travel with one or more MSU faculty members to the program site, and take coursework related to a specific field of study. Students may be taught by the MSU faculty member(s), by the faculty of another university or language school, or by a combination of the two. In most cases, students will take courses that are already in the curriculum for the program, and will pay MSU tuition in addition to the program cost. Programs generally include program excursions, as well as time to travel independently.

A list of CMLL-sponsored study abroad programs can be found here. All programs are different, so contact the program director of the program that interests you for further information.

Direct Exchanges

MSU has direct exchange agreements in place with dozens of universities around the world. These exchange programs provide students the ability to take coursework with peers at prestigious institutions throughout the world, working to complete their course of study while engaged directly with a new and unique environment. These programs provide students with the greatest change to increase fluency, immerse into a new culture, and travel. They are generally for independent-minded students, looking for a life-changing challenge.

Further information about direct exchange programs can be found here.

Affiliated provider company programs

Along with faculty-led programs and direct exchanges, MSU has agreements with a handful of provider companies, who organize study abroad trips for students from throughout the United States. These programs are located throughout the world, from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, to semester-at-sea programs, and other dynamic possibilities. Students involved in these programs will generally pay a set price for most of the program’s offerings, including course fees, housing, and excursions.

For further information about affiliated provider company programs, visit the Office of Study Abroad website.